Azure Jaegers, Red Foxes

Galactic Espionage Action - For PC.

Azure Jaegers, Red Foxes is a 2D Science-Fiction Stealth-Action-RPG inspired by the genre-defining classics of the late 90's.

Lie, Infiltrate, and Kill in the name of Democracy during the final peaceful days of a galaxy gone mad.

Release Date: TBD




The last decades of the 25th Century are an era of great upheaval and political instability. An Imperial Loyalist faction calling themselves the REDFOXES have seized control of the Duchy of Inaro, a mining colony at the heart of humanity's galactic economy.

Threatening to destroy Inaro's reserves of Ythrium, a crucial fuel resource, they demand the resignation and surrender of the Earth Commonwealth's elected government, and the restoration of the Imperial regime.

In response, the Earth Commonwealth sends their finest agents to defuse the situation by any means necessary before its shadow can be cast over the upcoming elections... Or worse.




< Aaren Kaufman

Age: 27 Years Old
DOB: October 7th, 2452
Planet of Origin: Kherelt
Affiliation: Commonwealth Office of Strategic Intelligence.
Kensla-Type: Projection
Impulse: "Cat's Claw"

A long-time Intelligence Analyst at the OSI recently reassigned to Field-Agent, the Inaro operation marks her first deployment in the field. Though well-trained in Kensla and with a well-defined Impulse, her abilities are yet untested in real combat. Prior psych-evals indicated Kaufman to be "too soft" and unfit for field-duty, however her latest evaluation and current circumstances resulted in her being approved for field work.

William Mirano >

Age: 29 Years Old
DOB: May 28th, 2450
Planet of Origin: Mars
Affiliation: Commonwealth OSI
Kensla-Type: Illusion
Impulse: "Your Kind of People"

A veteran Field-Agent of the OSI specializing in undercover infiltration of subversive organizations and assassinations. Agent Mirano's Impulse enables him to mimic the appearance and voice of the last person he has touched, so long as they are alive. Doubtless the ace-in-the-hole behind his track-record at the OSI.


< Aleksandr Mihaylov

Age: 38 Years Old
DOB: October 7th, 2441
Planet of Origin: Earth
Affiliation: Commonwealth OSI
Kensla-Type: Reinforcement
Impulse: "Armed and Ready"

A former Imperial-Navy officer until his desertion during the 2469 Revolution. Following the establishment of the Commonwealth and Prime-Minister Karl Johansen's election, he was Pardoned and offered a position at the OSI as a Handler. His Impulse allows him to absorb any Kensla used against him and redirect it into a deadly hand-to-hand attack.

Akira Kiryu >

Age: 47 Years Old
DOB: December 5th, 2432
Planet of Origin: Inaro
Affiliation: Inaro Planetary Guard
Kensla-Type: Alteration
Impulse: "The World"

A veteran of the Atrian First-Contact War (2449) as an Imperial Marine and the 2469 Revolution as a Colonel of the Rebellion's ground-forces. However after the Commonwealth's establishment ten years ago, he declined retaining his position and chose to return to his home planet to rebuild its Planetary Guard in anticipation of a second Atrian invasion - Though it would seem now that the IPG's guns were destined to be pointed at fellow Humans rather than conquering Xenoforms. The only thing known about his Impulse is the lack of surviving witnesses able to describe it.


Back-to-Basics Stealth-Action

Azure Jaegers, Red Foxes cuts out over-complicated fluff like light-levels and camouflage in favor of the old days of pure Line of Sight and Noise-based stealth that is clear and readable to the player. In line with this old-school mentality, engaging in combat is a discouraged last resort solution to problems that will punish the gung-ho Miles Gloriosus who goes in guns-blazing without the right preparations.

Character-Build and Playstyle Variety

Aaren Kaufman's Skills, Abilities, and Stats can be upgraded as the player progresses through the game to allow multiple approaches to situations the player will encounter on Inaro. Hack through the unguarded back door of an enemy stronghold, slip between patrols undetected, or with the right build cut through the front-lines in a high-risk assault.


In addition to the modern and refined mundane technology of the 25th Century, Aaren Kaufman has another tool up her sleeves: Kensla, a recently-discovered ability hidden within Humans and all intelligent lifeforms that could only be described by lesser civilizations as "Magic". With her ability to Project her Aura into lethal throwing-knives, functional Runic-Magic based off all five Kensla-Types (Projection, Electromancy, Reinforcement, Illusion, and Alteration), and other Kensla-techniques, Kaufman can turn the tables against the numerical advantages of her enemies.

Keep in Touch with Your Allies

Missing from the genre since the 7th Generation, Azure Jaegers will include a full-featured Phonecall system that will allow Aaren Kaufman to engage in conversations with her allies at any time for advice and other tips from her support team and fellow field agents, in addition to immersing the player further in the world's lore and several optional side-plots.

Branching Outcomes, High Replayability.

Every scenario in Azure Jaegers has multiple solutions with just as many outcomes that go beyond simply "Good Result" and "Bad Result", giving players reasons to come back and make different decisions or use different playstyles.


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